Here are a few of the authorís favorite links. All are notable in that in one way or another they caused him to atomize1 whatever beverage he happened to be drinking at the moment. Cheeky stuff.

  • Gwen World - one of the first weblogs I ever read. Funny stuff.
  • R. Davis - counted on the authorís middle finger, R. Davis is among the three people the author calls friend. Also to be considered an unsanctimonious ripoff artist.
  • Squishy Revisited - a goldmine. And she works on scripts in Hollywood. Thereís hope yet - television may be funny again.
  • Uncle Bob - who knew writing about your kid, wife and job could be so funny?
  • Dumber Than a Box of Rocks - a talking uterus. GAH! Funny, funny stuff though.
  • Damn Hell Ass Kings - home of Gwen World, Uncle Bob, Tomato Nation, and other funny folks.
  • Landover Baptist Church - the authorís place of worship and home away from home.
  • Betty Bowers - a better Christian than you are. And donít tell anyone, but sheís a man, man baby. YEAH!
  • Get Your War On - a series of comic strips that are beyond explanation. Donít go here if you offend easily. Good stuff.

1. Credited to R. Davis