The Author as The Bureaucrat: After years in the retail customer service, the author moved into public sector customer service. He writes about his new job here.

Dr. Spock Advice - the author offers parenting advice for parents and parents-to-be. Read his sage advice here

Retail Primer - the author spent a number of years in the retail industry and offers helpful tips on shopping and dealing with customer service representatives. Read about here

Letter to JW - the author pens an obligatory farewell letter to a former boss who relocated to another part of the country. Read the letter here

Letter to Fox - the author responds to Foxs latest round of shock television. Read his rant here

Letter to Dell - the author (owner of a Dell) writes to Dell about their ad campaign. His letter is here

Another Letter to TNN - the author responds to changes made by TNN as a result of his letter campaign. Read his follow up here

Letter to TNN - the new TNN has aggravated the author, and he lets network officials know about it. Read his first ever rant here

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