The Authors Postcards
The proud skyline of the author’s hometown of Texarkana circa 19something or another. The author doesn’t particularly like his hometown, but feels everyone should have some tangible link to their past. No matter how bad it is. (You can click any card to enlarge it in a new window).
The famous Post Office building in Texarkana that straddles the Arkansas / Texas state lines. The author likes this postcard because it is one of the few postcards of the building without the word ‘ass’ on it.
Grim Hotel. Storied hotel that is as much a part of downtown Texarkana as any other building. Once a veritable downtown oasis that provided a “modern pleasant and courteous place for the tired traveler,” today it sits abandoned, perhaps as a strong testament to its namesake. Grim.
The high school where the author spent part of his formative years. Oddly the caption on the card reads “one of the most beautiful high schools in the state.” The author said he begged to differ.
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